Livewell Lids


& More!


Choose your preferred
acrylic color by hovering
over the smaller thumbnail
images to the right, viewing
the enlarged example and
then clicking the color that
works best for your upgrade.

Clicked Image

Here's where your custom
product comes to life!

Hover over the drop down
menu of your choice until
you see the image of the
item you want to add,
then click the image and
it will be added to the
AO Design Tool for you.

Then simply drag & drop
your choice of marine
grade switches, circuit
protection, chargers,
accessories, component
hole cutouts, and even
your very own custom logo
(that you can backlight
during the next step)
until you achieve the
layout that is best
for YOU and YOUR boat.

How cool is that?! 😎

A little bit confused
about the differences
between Bluewater's
19mm & 22mm line of
pushbutton switches? 👇🏼

Clicked Image

Order details & upgrades

Board Total:

Components Total:

RGB Backlighting:



Fuse Block:

Terminal Block:

Rush Production(20%):

*Grand Total:

*Shipping not included in Grand Total. Will be calculated after you submit your design to AO.

AO will recommend a shipping method, but if you need expedited shipping please notify an AO member.


FAQ’s & Guidance

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  • Blue Acrylic

    Blue Acrylic

  • Light Blue Acrylic

    Light Blue Acrylic

  • Clear Cast Acrylic

    Clear Cast Acrylic

  • Gloss Black Acrylic

    Gloss Black Acrylic

  • Red Acrylic

    Red Acrylic

  • White Acrylic

    White Acrylic

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Comments for American Offshore:
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Need fuse block(s)?
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Preferred mounting method

For mounting/installing the product

Hidden Studs give your product that modern "floating" look
where the hardware is not visible from the front side.

Regular Screws give your product that traditional look
where the hardware is visible from the front side.